Mexican Ambassador graces ‘This is My Mexico’ Assembly and Exhibition


His Excellency Carlos Felix Corona at Cempaka International School Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
His Excellency Carlos Felix Corona signing the Book of Excellence at Cempaka International School Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

His Excellency Carlos Felix Corona, the Ambassador of Mexico to Malaysia recently visited Cempaka International School Damansara Heights campus as the Main Guest of Honor at the Mexican Art Competition Certificate Presentation Ceremony “This is My Mexico” and Art Exhibition. The top participants in Malaysia received certificates of participation and had their works presented at the Art Gallery and the CDH Suite.

The top 5 best drawings in Malaysia were done by the following Cempaka Schools Malaysia students:


Aside from the sumptuous, Mexican-inspired food, the event also saw performances from the Cempaka Harp Ensemble and Rayyan Anwar, an incumbent Cempaka student and award-winning pianist who just came back from Italy.

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Cheras and Damansara Heights campuses hold Readathons

_DSC8736 Cempaka International School Malaysia

Cempaka International School Cheras/Cempaka Cheras and Cempaka International School Damansara Heights in conjunction with the annual ‘Jom Baca Bersama Untuk 10 Minit’ (Let’s Read Together for 10 Minutes) recently held readathons at their respective campuses. The event was in line with the national campaign to promote the healthy habit of reading.

“The immeasurable importance of the written word is something that the school continues to recognize and cultivate an appreciation for, evident in events like this.” Adrian Ang Senior 1 IBDP. Sean Ooi, Junior 1 agrees, “The timelessness of literature is only representative of its absolute necessity in our society, and this event has served to remind us of that fact.”

The event also marked the first time that Cempaka Schools conducted the first ever live streaming Facebook Live to broadcast to its followers online.

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CPAC’s Clean Sweep at the Jr Cammies 2016

Cempaka Schools Box Office Production

Cempaka Performing Arts Company (CPAC) came out on top on this year’s Junior Cammies for the Cempaka Schools Box Office Production 2015 Annie, The Musical. CPAC was nominated and won all the four awards:  Best Production Design (Set, Lights, Sound/Music & Costume) and Best Ensemble (second year in a row) while Charmaine Koh Sher Min, who played the lead role, took the Best Principal Role. In the meantime, Scott McQuaid took the award for Best Direction.

“We are thrilled to win all four awards in the Junior Cammies for Musical Theatre and to be recognised by Kakiseni in the prestigious Boh Cameronian Arts Awards. Each year, in Cempaka Schools, the anticipated school musical is a major highlight. It provides the students a big platform to feature their talent and passion for the arts. Our is to get better every year as we strive to produce and to stage full-scale musicals of the highest standards,” says Andrew Chan, Head of Performing Arts and Producer – Cempaka Schools Box Office Production.


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Race to Save The Rainforest

Tree planting to save our future.
Tree planting to save our future.

Cempaka Schools Malaysia students and teachers again joined this years edition of PEKA Malaysia ‪#‎SORR2016‬ Save Our Rainforest Race 2016 which involved a 15-kilometer trek through Sg. Menyala Forest Reserve. The route went through 2 forests, an abandoned palm oil plantation, and an Orang Asli settlement.

The organisers hoped that “through this (race), we mark an effort to preserve Malaysia’s natural environment and further promote awareness on the importance of keeping our Mother Nature and her beauty intact.”

This year 84 Cempaka students and 8 teachers participated in the race. According to one of the student-participants, Angeline Kek, “SORR was a thrilling and exhilarating event which not only allowed me and everyone else to exercise and build our strength, but it also allowed us to connect with nature and enjoy each others’ company as we walked through the forest.”


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Damansara Heights Student Take Top Prize in San Prisco Piano Competition

San Prisco Italy
Rayyan bin Anwar (Year 5) of Cempaka International School Damansara Heights took the First Prize for Ages 10-13 in the San Prisco International Piano Competition – Giuseppe Castaldo Prize recently held in San Prisco, Caserta in Italy.
Rayyan scored an amazing 98/100 in his age group. He played 3 pieces: The Sonatine by Friedrich Kuhlau, Mazurka by Chopin and Moody Prawn Blues by Franklyn Gellnick. All winners from all the 5 categories had to perform during an award ceremony held at the Napoli town hall. The winner of each category wins a plaque and 300 Euros.
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Cempaka Cheras Primary Students Attend Hand Hygiene Talk

Hand Hygiene Talk
Talk: Healthy Habits for the Younger Generation: Hand Hygiene at Cempaka International School Cheras/Cempaka Cheras

Cempaka International School Cheras students Esther Liew, Elyssa Hah, Ezra Ng & Kirttna Solai organised a talk on hand hygiene as part of their IGCSE Global Perspectives Group Assignment. The talk entitled “Healthy Habits for the Younger Generation: Hand Hygiene” was delivered by Dr. Meenakshi Valravan, a Consultant Paediatrician at the KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital.

The informative session was held on the 28th of March 2016 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am in the North Hall and was attended by Cempaka Cheras Primary students and teachers.  According to Esther Liew, the topic aimed to raise awareness on common diseases as well as to teach the children on the simple healthy habits. Assisted by nurses, the children were then formed into groups where they were each taught how to properly wash their hands.


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Golf and Fencing: An Interview with Cempaka Schools Top Student Athletes

Jeanna Junady and Natasha Oon
Girl Power: fencer Jeanna and golfer Natasha of Cempaka International School Damansara Heights. (Image Credit: Ryan Lien Kar Sheng).

Aside from academics and performing arts, Cempaka Schools actively promote and excel in a variety of sports. To cap the International Women’s month, we recently sat down with two of the top female athletes of Cempaka International School Damansara Heights to talk about their respective sports, studies and other passions: golfer Natasha Andrea Oon (Mallory Privett Award 2016 – Best Female Champion) and fencer Jeanna Leia Alis Junady (Malaysia’s current number 1 for Epee Under 17 Girls).

How do you manage stress associated with competitions. Can you share with us some of the things you would do to calm yourself before a large competition?

Natasha: Usually, I would read this article by Dr.Bob Rotella. He talks about what goes on inside the golfer’s mind and how to tackle problems that may happen in the competition. It really is helpful. But normally, my pre-shot routine in the competitions help me a lot because it is a repetitive thing that I do before my swing.

Jeanna:  I don’t really have a pre-game ritual, but whenever I am not playing a game or watching my competitors’ games, I will always be listening to my music. It really helps me to calm down and also block out a lot of distracting sounds.


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PR Honcho Conducts Language and Communications Lecture

Language and Communications  Lecture
Datuk Elizabeth Soo conducts talk on Language and Communications at Cempaka Schools.


As part of the ongoing series of Career Talks, a lecture on ‘Language and Communications’ were held at Cempaka Schools Malaysia by Datuk Elizabeth Soo, the country’s top Public Relations maven. The 2-day talk was held at both Cempaka International School Cheras’ Art Gallery and Cempaka International School Damansara Heights’ Dato Pilus Hall.

The talk was organised by a group of Cempaka International School Cheras’ Global Perspectives students Catherine Khaw, Nimeesha Chan and Sarah Gad as part of their subject matter’s group project.


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Study Maths and Sciences in English at Cempaka Cheras

Study Maths and Sciences in English at Cempaka Cheras
Study Maths and Sciences in English at Cempaka Cheras

Cempaka Cheras have been at the forefront of education excellence in Malaysia which teaches Science and Mathematics in English. It has been given special approval by the Ministry of Education  under the Dual Language Program (DLP) to teach Science and Mathematics in English.

According to Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim, CEO of PAGE Malaysia (Parent Action Group for Education) and a major advocate for the program ,  schools that run the DLP provide parents with “a choice, and (that) there will be no more impediments to learning in their preferred language.”

Science and Mathematics continue to be one of the best performing subjects in Cempaka Schools.  Latest results (2015) showed that over 50% of Cempaka Cheras students scored 7As and above in their SPM results. English, Mathematics and the Sciences remain as the top performing subjects at Cempaka Cheras.

Parents at Cempaka Schools are seeing the benefits of learning Science and Mathematics in English as they gain access to  volumes of resources on the internet and the thousands of books in these two subjects. Mr. Nadaraja Shanmugam believes that fluency in the language will give his child Kirthiga the edge once she enters university. Mrs. Chan concurs, “The value of our ringgit might come down but not the value of our education.”

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7 Tips to Achieve High SPM Results


SPM Tips
Cempaka Cheras student Isaac Ninan and his proud father and sister.

Isaac Varughese Ninan (Cempaka Cheras), one of the country’s top scoring students during the recently held SPM Examinations was recently honored along with other SPM High Achievers. We caught up with Isaac who is now enrolled at our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Cempaka International School Damansara Heights and asked him to share some tips to every student who wants to ace their SPM examinations.

Here are the 7 Tips to Achieve High SPM Results:

  1. STUDY and UNDERSTAND THE SYLLABUS. Try to cover and learn as much as possible about the syllabus as quickly as you can. You will need the extra time for the (minimum) 9 subjects that you will be taking as well as doing practice tests.
  2. DON’T RELY on PAST YEAR PAPERS. Do your past year papers for practice but do not count on it to be a replica of the papers you will eventually sit for. I thought that would be the case for me until I sat down and saw how different the papers were when compared to previous years.
  3. UNDERSTAND what you are studying.  I really couldn’t stress this enough. I was not very good at memorizing but I tried my best to understand whatever that I was learning and this enabled me to answer questions that were out of the syllabus.
  4. READ as widely as possible. Explore various topics of interest, it could come out in your exams- you never know how lucky you could actually be!
  5. KNOW your studying style and stick by it. Whether it’s sitting by yourself and playing some classical music or writing notes, whatever style of studying works for you should be your mantra, no matter what others say.
  6. RELAX. SPM is important but it’s not something to get stressed over. I tried to relax while preparing for SPM as much as possible by getting enough sleep, exercising and generally not worrying too much. Don’t get lazy but make sure that you stay healthy!
  7. You need SOMEONE. A friend, a parent, a teacher – anyone will do. Just make sure you have someone to study with. It makes things easier and a lot more fun!

With these tips coupled with grit and determination and the right school environment, one should be able to score top marks for the SPM examinations!

When asked about his plans for the future, Isaac remarks, “I’m currently opting for something related to engineering as it provides a wide range of prospects. I am still unsure of where I see myself in five years time, but all I know is that one day I’ll change the world!” Well, Isaac, as we say in Cempaka Schools, ‘Nothing is Impossible!’

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