7 Tips to Achieve High SPM Results


SPM Tips
Cempaka Cheras student Isaac Ninan and his proud father and sister.

Isaac Varughese Ninan (Cempaka Cheras), one of the country’s top scoring students during the recently held SPM Examinations was recently honored along with other SPM High Achievers. We caught up with Isaac who is now enrolled at our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Cempaka International School Damansara Heights and asked him to share some tips to every student who wants to ace their SPM examinations.

Here are the 7 Tips to Achieve High SPM Results:

  1. STUDY and UNDERSTAND THE SYLLABUS. Try to cover and learn as much as possible about the syllabus as quickly as you can. You will need the extra time for the (minimum) 9 subjects that you will be taking as well as doing practice tests.
  2. DON’T RELY on PAST YEAR PAPERS. Do your past year papers for practice but do not count on it to be a replica of the papers you will eventually sit for. I thought that would be the case for me until I sat down and saw how different the papers were when compared to previous years.
  3. UNDERSTAND what you are studying.  I really couldn’t stress this enough. I was not very good at memorizing but I tried my best to understand whatever that I was learning and this enabled me to answer questions that were out of the syllabus.
  4. READ as widely as possible. Explore various topics of interest, it could come out in your exams- you never know how lucky you could actually be!
  5. KNOW your studying style and stick by it. Whether it’s sitting by yourself and playing some classical music or writing notes, whatever style of studying works for you should be your mantra, no matter what others say.
  6. RELAX. SPM is important but it’s not something to get stressed over. I tried to relax while preparing for SPM as much as possible by getting enough sleep, exercising and generally not worrying too much. Don’t get lazy but make sure that you stay healthy!
  7. You need SOMEONE. A friend, a parent, a teacher – anyone will do. Just make sure you have someone to study with. It makes things easier and a lot more fun!

With these tips coupled with grit and determination and the right school environment, one should be able to score top marks for the SPM examinations!

When asked about his plans for the future, Isaac remarks, “I’m currently opting for something related to engineering as it provides a wide range of prospects. I am still unsure of where I see myself in five years time, but all I know is that one day I’ll change the world!” Well, Isaac, as we say in Cempaka Schools, ‘Nothing is Impossible!’

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