PR Honcho Conducts Language and Communications Lecture

Language and Communications  Lecture
Datuk Elizabeth Soo conducts talk on Language and Communications at Cempaka Schools.


As part of the ongoing series of Career Talks, a lecture on ‘Language and Communications’ were held at Cempaka Schools Malaysia by Datuk Elizabeth Soo, the country’s top Public Relations maven. The 2-day talk was held at both Cempaka International School Cheras’ Art Gallery and Cempaka International School Damansara Heights’ Dato Pilus Hall.

The talk was organised by a group of Cempaka International School Cheras’ Global Perspectives students Catherine Khaw, Nimeesha Chan and Sarah Gad as part of their subject matter’s group project.

Global Perspectives Students Catherine Khaw, Nimeesha Chan and Sarah Gad with Datuk Elizabeth Soo and Dato' Freida Pilus.
Global Perspectives Students Catherine Khaw, Nimeesha Chan and Sarah Gad with Datuk Elizabeth Soo and Dato’ Freida Pilus.


Datuk Elizabeth Soo expounded on the basic importance of communicating effectively and made the students realised that body language plays a role in communications.

Cempaka International School Damansara Heights student Manisha Mahadeva summarizes,”The main thing I learnt was that we should “look before you leap” when communicating, which basically means to think first about what we are going to do or how we are going to affect other people through our communication. Besides this, Datuk Elizabeth mentioned that kindness plays a very important role when communicating because we should not aim to hurt others but to help them. Lastly, I learnt about the ‘3 v’s’ which play an important role when communicating with others: verbal, vocal and visual, and that people will react to our communication based on what we talk about and how we talk about the topic, how they see us speak and our appearance.”

With more than 26 years of helming Public Relation/Marketing Communications positions in the hospitality industry, Datuk Elizabeth Soo worked with Legend Hotel chain, the Pan-Pacific Group and the Kuala Lumpur Hilton.

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