Race to Save The Rainforest

Tree planting to save our future.
Tree planting to save our future.

Cempaka Schools Malaysia students and teachers again joined this years edition of PEKA Malaysia ‪#‎SORR2016‬ Save Our Rainforest Race 2016 which involved a 15-kilometer trek through Sg. Menyala Forest Reserve. The route went through 2 forests, an abandoned palm oil plantation, and an Orang Asli settlement.

The organisers hoped that “through this (race), we mark an effort to preserve Malaysia’s natural environment and further promote awareness on the importance of keeping our Mother Nature and her beauty intact.”

This year 84 Cempaka students and 8 teachers participated in the race. According to one of the student-participants, Angeline Kek, “SORR was a thrilling and exhilarating event which not only allowed me and everyone else to exercise and build our strength, but it also allowed us to connect with nature and enjoy each others’ company as we walked through the forest.”

Save Our Rainforest Race 2016

Mr. Chew Kim Fie, Cempaka International School Cheras/Cempaka Cheras teacher notes, “This is my second year to accompany students to participate in SORR. The students were overwhelmed and excited during the race. In fact, they had a chance to visit the most beautiful “Kampung Orang Asli” in Malaysia besides having a opportunity to see the  beauty of our rainforests. I would like to encourage Cempakans to participate and to support this event.”

Learn more about our students’ various environmental initiatives! SCHEDULE A VISIT TODAY: http://www.cempaka.edu.my/contact-us.php(Choose ‘Schedule A Visit on the drop down menu, fill out the required information, select time, date and campus and submit)

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