Yokohama Students Wrap Up Malaysia Visit with Cultural Performances at CILC

Hakuho Girls School Yokohama in CILC demonstrates Yukata

The visiting students from Hakuho Girls School (Yokohama, JAPAN) ended their month-long visit in Malaysia through an inspiring Malaysia-Japan friendship themed assembly featuring traditional dances, songs and fashion at the Auditorium of Cempaka International Ladies’ College in Bandar Enstek, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

The girls attended lessons and other events at the beautiful CILC campus where they tried their hands on at cooking traditional Malaysian dishes at its Masterchef kitchen and had sport climbing sessions at CILC’s indoor climbing wall. ‘We had no idea what to expect, but we quickly realized that Cempakans are very friendly and kind,…we soon felt encouraged and (be) part of the family,’ says Nana Matsuda.

Hakuhu Girls Yokohama Japan in Cempaka International Ladies' College

Hakuhu Girls Yokohama in Cempaka International Ladies' College

On fiery Malaysian cuisine, Mana Shimomura chimes in, ‘At first we struggled a little but now, we love to eat the spicy delights of Malaysia.’ She also noted how sweet the fruits were.

They also noted the strong Cempaka spirit at CILC. ‘At Cempaka, you have regular morning assemblies and you sing your school song everyday…We admire (this) about your school and think it’s a good thing to start your day with singing,’ says Risa Horie.

During the assembly, the Japanese guests demonstrated aspects of their culture as to how to put on the their traditional national attire, the Yukata to the fascination of everyone. CILC student Nuha Jes Izman says, ‘They brought their culture and tradition and shared them generously with the CILC community.’

Hakuho Girls Malaysia Gamelan

The Japanese guests also performed stirring renditions of traditional Malaysian songs on the gamelans and entertained the crowd with traditional dances. Yuki Aida notes that they thoroughly enjoyed the Drama classes. Meanwhile, Nodoka Motoki recounts their amazing experiences of seeing the local tourist destinations in Kuala Lumpur and Melaka.

It is hoped that the visit would further strengthen ties between the two schools as well as the friendship between the two countries.

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