Year 1 – 6 (Primary)

School Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

School Semester:
There are three academic terms in a year: September, January, and April.

Maximum 24 students per class

Student teacher ratio of 1:10

Teachers at Cempaka School take a genuine interest in all the aspect of the development of student. They attend to individual student as personal tutor to:
- Monitor the academic progress
- Provide pastoral care

Teachers here also work collaboratively to ensure that the student achieves a wholesome academic progress. At the end of the semester, a report will be produced based on the progress of each student, this report will be presented to the parent during the Report Card Day.

Teacher Qualification:

As part of its commitment to deliver high quality education, Cempaka Schools equips itself with teachers of highly respectable academic background, diversified teaching caliber with many years professional experience.

Main Curriculum:

British National Curriculum

Subjects Offered:

- English
- A foreign language(Options: Malay, Mandarin, French)
- History
- Geography v Mathematics
- Science
- Information and Communication Technology

The nature and time of activity will be curriculum dependent.

Performing Arts Curriculum in the Primary School:
Our long term aim is to create a new breed of truly all-rounded Cempakans who embody the School’s ideals – a generation of Scholars, Sportsman & Gentlemen who are confident, poised, an ear for music and proficient in at least on musical instrument. Therefore, Performing Arts is integrated into the Year One to Year Six curriculum. There are four components in this syllabus:

i. Proficiency in a Musical Instrument  
  *The instruments studied are the violin, keyboard, and the recorder
*Recorder will be a prerequisite for students who intend to take up the clarinet from Y4 onwards
ii. Speech and Drama  
iii. Vocal Training  
iv. Physical Training (Artistic & Rhythmic Gymnastics)  

This curriculum is compulsory throughout the whole primary education level, after which it becomes optional and scheduled after regular school hours.

Extra Curricular Activities:
Cempaka Cheras offers a wide variety of non-academic activities. These activities are purposed to instill leadership qualities to student as well as to develop the interest and talents of the students to the fullest potential. The range of activities Cempaka offers is as follows:

** Y1 Y2 & Y3 - One hour per week

Art and Craft Club
Reading Club
Cempaka Beat
Cultural Club
Computer Club
Scouts( Y4 and above only)
Brownies(Y4 and above only)

** Y1 to Y6 – One hour per week
(Athletics / Soccer / Rugby / Handball / Netball /Softball/Volleyball / Badminton / Table tennis / Basketball / Water polo/ Wall climbing)

Community Service
Persatuan Anak-Anak Penyayang (PAPS)
**Students participate this program by contributing items made in the Art and Craft Club

Cempaka Junior Awards Scheme:
The aim of this scheme is to nurture all-rounded Cempakans, who excel not only academically, but also equally competent and comfortable in the sporting arena as well as being welfare-conscious and compassionate.

Bus Services:
We are able to recommend a few independent bus companies. The contact telephone numbers are available from the School Office.

Meals are included in the term fees for Year 1, 2 & 3. Students from Year 4 onwards can purchase their food from the school canteen. All food is ‘halal’.

Entry Requirement:
Entrance Examination Fee : RM 1,000.00 (non-refundable)
Registration Fee * : RM 5,000.00
Advance Fee * : RM 10,000.00
* These fees are payable along with the Entrance Examination Fee.

**Application form together with a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate or NRIC (made in A4 size) and ONE Passport Size Photograph is required upon registration for the Entrance Examination. Applications can only be processed after the payment of RM16,000.00 has been made. All fees should be made payable to CEMPAKA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.